Ras Mykkal: The Poet

BIO 1 003Ras Mykkal is a Dub Poet from a different corner of the globe. While his Poetry is just as thought-provoking as the more established Mutabraruka and Linton Kwesi Johnson, his style is more of a singing poet than DJ or rap like. He is the only recording and performing Dub Poet with backing vocals.

Ras Mykkal is the first recording artist to openly challenge Bermudas' social and political establishment. His razor-sharp political and social commentary lit the fuse that brought down the 34 year reign of the United Bermuda Party (U.B.P.) government.

Since the introduction of Party politics in the islands of Bermuda, only the United Bermuda Party (U.B.P.) had governed the tiny Atlantic island, up until 1998, when the Progressive Labor Party (P.L.P.) won the government on November 9, 1998. Both the UBP and the PLP governments have enjoyed and maintained the economic wealth of Bermuda, but have done very little by way of social development of its' people.

Ras Mykkals' willingness to speak out, has him listed as the most censored artist in Bermudas' history. Even though songs like "Where do the Children go?", "And So It Go", "Rude boy Inna De House", Three Blind Mice", "Dem Call Mi Controversial" and "Excuse Me, Mr. Speaker" are considered classics, airplay is limited and live performances are non-existent in Bermuda. At one point all of his music was sent to the Bermuda Broadcasting Commission for approval before airplay. Not because any of the tracks contained lewd lyrics, not at all, they are just too sensitive for the thin skin political leaders.

This has only served to cause him to change his writing style to be more global and work towards International touring and sales beyond Bermuda.

Ras Mykkal's first CD "Bermuda's First Governor was released in Bermuda only in 1998 and his second CD "Dem Call Mi Controversial" was again released in Bermuda only in 2000. He has also released a hand full of singles. The single "Mr. President, Please Reconsider" an open letter to former U.S. President George Bush reached number two in Miami and stayed in the top ten for 16 weeks. The track was released as a demo only and will be re-recorded and released on a upcoming CD for historic importance.

Even though Ras Mykkal has not released a new CD in over 10 years, he has continued to write and record. He is working with the Step by Step Band and the S2B Trio in Mandeville, Jamaica.

If you are Interested In listening to Ras Mykkals' music, tune in to www.skyfm.com.

To purchase his music on-line visit www.cdbaby.com (Search: Reggae, Dub Poetry, Ras Mykkal).

Nathelee Simons
Public Relations for Ras Mykkal Music

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