Bermuda's Flying Flowers

Ras Mykkal scores another first. Poet, Photographer and now Author Ras Mykkal has teamed up with award winning graphic designer Stephan Johnstone to produce the first book ever dedicated to the history, life cycle and illustration of Bermuda’s butterflies.

The full colour book is an awesome learning tool for anyone who is interested in nature and helping to preserve the environment. Well known for his sports photography Ras likes to take a break from the excitement of action sports and venture into nature for a change of pace. This beautifully illustrated book “Bermuda’s Flying Flowers” has been three years in the making. Stephan Johnstone, expertise design, adds an awesome style and finish to Ras Mykkal’s outstanding photography and informative text. Well done. A big thank you to Butterfield & Vallis for their kind and generous support of this project.


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Bermuda's Flying Flowers Activity Book

Ras Mykkal and Stephan have also completed a limited-edition children’s butterfly activity book with illustrator Anna Terceira just in time for Christmas. This project is a coloring book with mazes, word search, connect the dots and many other fun features to bring attention and awareness to the life cycle of the butterfly.

Coming December 2016!








Click ...I got yah!

Well-known sports photographer, Ras Mykkal and Graphic Designer, Stephan Johnstone have teamed together to produce “Click-I Got Yah” a collection of Ras Mykkal’s images over the past few years of Bermudian athletes from a variety of local sports.

Each photograph has a date and caption about the person, event and/or the sport, highlighting a moment in Bermuda’s sporting history.

The book also has six interviews with different sports personalities, which adds to the historic value of this unique book.

There are also a number of adverts in the book that are very distinctive. Quite a few clubs and athletes have built working relationships over the years and the book highlights some of the history and accomplishments that have been achieved.

Ras Mykkal’s passion for sports photography started as the public relations officer for the sport of motocross. In 1997, Ras Mykkal earned his certification as a professional photographer with the New York Institute of Photography and branched out to learn the skills of capturing all forms of sporting activities.

Stephan Johnstone, worked for a small design studio & print shop for 3 years in Canada after graduating from George Brown College School of Design in Toronto. Today Stephan splits his time between Bermuda and Toronto, creating and designing for SJDWORLD(.com).
Ras Mykkal and Stephan Johnstone are also poets and internationally recognized recording artist in their own right.
This book project that Ras and Stephan have worked on together is available at Brown & Co